Sunday, April 2, 2017

A game of Armada

Hey all!

Well, a buddy came by a little bit ago, and we got a game of Star Wars: Armada in!

Now, we really just play to have big battles, and as usual, we played without any objectives... we just did a straight up brawl!

I went with Jerjerrod and a Rebels-themed list, with the idea that this is some force way out on the Outer Fringes, without all the modern tech... a kitted out Venator (ISD2), an Arquitens with enhanced armaments and blast doors, and some Gonzantis, along with some random TIEs and a Rhymerball of sorts (the first one I've ever used!)  He took an Assault Frigate, several CR90s with the turbo laser route circuits, a few transports kitted out for squadron commands, and a HUGE swarm of X-Wings, A-Wings, and ARCs (which he used as Y-wings.)

Well, he sent the two CR90s around the flanks and put out a screen of bombers, keeping his ships behind them.  I sort of trundled forward towards them.

Here you can see my Venator lumbering forward.

His CR90 sweeps towards my Arquitens, but I throw a Decimator out to deal with it... the Decimator did a good job all game!

He used his Assault Frigate and Transports to push his fighters forward.

He did take a VCX-100, which was amazing at throwing random fighters forward to clog up my advance... a few A-Wings in particular did a good job at that!

His CR90 that went around the flank, however, ran into my squadron-activated Rhymerball, and thanks to some lucky rolls (the dice favored me ALL NIGHT, and did my buddy NO favors) the Corvette got blasted apart!

Here you can see his squadrons all pushed forward into my ships...

I had a hard time getting the Rhymerball back to the fore, but my anti-squadron dice slowly but surely chipped away at his massive horde of squadrons.

The Venator was moving super slowly (I was trying to get as many anti-squadron turns as possible before having to engage the Rebel ships) but the Arquitens did its best to hurt the frigate.

But it didn't last... as the Arquitens flew by, the Assault Frigate blew it away.  My ISD pushed through the fighter screen and started to turn around the station.  My tractor beam did a nice job the whole time at slowing down the enemy ships.

And Jerjerrod was great, as the turn after the one above my Venator turned sharply behind the Frigate.  My squadrons, meanwhile, plinked away at the Frigate, which just couldn't get away as the tractor beam was keeping it slowed down and it kept having to repair to stay alive.  I made a few HUGE and clumsy mistakes that let it survive two extra rounds as I missed where it had shields and aimed at the wrong arcs with my squadrons... it had one hull and nearly no shields for two whole turns!:(

But eventually I blasted it, and the remaining Rebels jumped to light speed to escape!  Above is my surviving fleet.

Overall a fun game... I was surprised I came out ahead, as it looked bad for me, but I think the dice gods REALLY favored me this game:(

Anyway... my friend ordered two entire Clone Wars fleets from Shapeways, so hopefully they'll be making an appearance on the blog soon enough!

Thanks for stopping by!

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AHunt said...

Great looking game! Your painted squadrons add so much to the look and feel.