Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A whole collection of Vikings and friends!

Hey all!

Well, I stopped by a buddy's house to check out his growing vikings and co. collection.  He was hit by the bug a few months ago, and voila... his wargaming motto is "Go big or go home," I suspect!

So I snapped a few photos.  Unfortunately they are with my iPhone, so I am sorry if the quality is only so so!

At the top you see probably my favorite figures... Ragnar Lothbrok and Co., painted by the esteemed Dave Taylor as a commission!  They look absolutely fantastic... Ragnar in particular looks amazing.

Here is the whole group... Vikings in front and back, then Franks and Saxons in the middle.

Some Viking shield maidens.

The Viking heroes.

Some Viking spearmen, supported by axe men.

Some armored Saxons.

Some more Vikings.

I believe these guys are Saxons.

Some Franks.

More from the Vikings crew!  Jarl Borg, Athelstan, Bjorn, and the seerer.  My buddy wanted to go with some earlier versions of a few people; hence the first season version of Athelstan.

And the whole collection once again!  A few small units of cavalry and basing a few more units and he should have all he will ever need!

Anyway, thanks for coming by and checking them out!

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