Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Played the first play test of Dungeoncrawler...

Hey all!

Well, a buddy came by tonight, and we took the new Dungeoncrawler game for a spin... and frankly it was a ROUSING success!

Even in it's very early version, with a LOT of work left, it was fun!  My buddy took a warrior, and I took a wizard (although the idea now is that you will ALWAYS take the same party; a warrior, a thief, a wizard, and a cleric.  You get to choose the RACES of each, though.)  We did pretty well, surviving even a few waves of ogres!  But a lot of stuff isn't painted up yet, and the items are still all in one deck instead of four, so we were just testing it all out:)

BTW, here is the current rough mock-up that another friend put together for our cards for the game.  Looks awesome, right?

This was the first room in the dungeon!  It went pretty well:)  Later rooms got trickier, though...

We did a lot of play testing and brainstorming and development.  One thing we are adding is something called Narrative Cards, which you will take with each room (but not the hallways.)  These will be a sort of over-arching story card that will help lend a little... well, story, to the game:)  More info on the rules obviously later.

Anyway, this is just a taste... we took photos of the whole adventure, so I'll put together a post soon!

Thanks for coming by!

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