Sunday, April 16, 2017

A TON of finished minis for Dungeoncrawler!

Hey all!

Well, I finished up a BUNCH of guys for Dungeoncrawler!

First up, the first group of heroes!  A dwarf berzerker, a thief, a hobbit thief, a wizard, a female wizard, a pair of warriors, and a dwarf warrior.

Here they are from the back.  These will be the players' figures.

The orcs I've finished so far... an assortment of armored orcs, regular orcs, a stand of berzerkers, and some archers.

The goblins I've finished so far, with their commander (who is supported by his wolf.)

Two orc heroes... a warlord and a shaman.

And finally an assortment of dungeon decorations!

Anyway... I'll get more done soon... lots of good ideas, and I'll even start in on the game itself shortly!

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