Monday, April 10, 2017

Finished my 25mm Napoleonic Perry "Retreat from Moscow" collection!

Hey all!

Well, thanks to the wife and kids going away for a day or two, I was finally able to finish my latest "bigger" project... my 25mm Napoleonic French "Retreat from Moscow" army, courtesy of the Perry twins!

So, here it is!

Now, I am a planner.  I don't have much in the way of a lead mountain, and I almost always have a finished product in mind when I start a project.  This army is what I was envisioning for this collection... three units of line infantry, three stands of light infantry to match, a unit of cavalry, and then one special unit, the two sleds.  I did want to have a fully functional wargames army, and I was hoping to make the nicest mix of function and appearance out there!:)

The figures are really beautiful.  They are from the esteemed Perry twins, and when I saw them... well, I knew:)

A lot of of character!  I mixed up all the packs they had... cavalry and infantry together, with all sorts of hangers-on and randoms mixed in there, along with dead.

The basing turned out okay... not perfect, but okay:)  I like the grass tufts... I think they help.

BTW, so this entire collection was meant to be my MAIN 25mm Napoleonic collection, after the Russian invasion!  So I made the appropriate accommodations... all of the trays for lights, line, and cavalry are all the same size, so it looks like literally the same army.  Of course, the army looks a bit neater, and the lines are a bit more full, before they get to Russia!

So overall, super happy to finally be finished with them!  That allows me to dedicate to my next project... a fun little Dungeoncrawl beer and pretzels game that should be AMAZING... I've really hit everything about it, from rules to the plans for the look, out of the park:)

Anyway... thanks for coming by!


Phil said...

Congrats, atmospheric and beautiful...

Mark Morgan said...

Fantastic! What did you use for the snow & ground work? It's some thing I find difficult to get looking right.

Author said...

Hey man!

Just did a mix of white glue, white paint, water, and snow scatter. Painted that on in globs, and then dumped more snow scatter on top. Seems to have worked okay, although it isn't perfect.