Thursday, January 5, 2017

Some Christmas Armada reinforcements arrive!

Hey all!

Well, after a few generous gift cards found their way to me, having already held off on Wave 4 and 5 of Armada... well, I thought it was time to pick up some reinforcements!

I actually held off on the Interdictor and the Arquitens... because I provide most of the ships for the games I play, I sort of like keeping the Empire to predominantly Star Destroyers.  I know that is silly, but it works for me:)  So I picked up a second ISD, and then two Gozanti flotillas... I feel like a bunch of smaller ships are important to a fleet feeling like a FLEET.  I also picked up a single pack of the Empire Squadrons 2... I'll need a few more at some point:)

For the Rebels, I don't mind a bit more mishmash, non-movie ships type of fleet... I feel like a good messy fleet is exactly what the Rebels should have!  So I did get them a Liberty (because it is in the films) but also got them the Phoenix One pack, as it DOES visually fit in nicely.  I also got two flotillas of Transports (which I love, because they are SO iconic) and a pack of the Rebel squadrons.

So!  They are all still boxed, but I'll start breaking them out soon!

Good times!

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