Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Micro Machines Star Wars Rebels

Hey all!

Well, my son has become a BIG fan of "Star Wars - Rebels."  He is a bit young for it still, but we watch together, and I explain stuff to him, and he is turning into a damn fine Star Wars expert... kid knows the difference between a Venator Star Destroyer, and Imperial Star Destroyer, and a Victory Star Destroyer, and LOVES when Grand Moff Tarken is on-screen.

He also has a huge collection of Micro Machines Star Wars figures... so I thought he should have the Rebels crew!

Two of these are actual Micro Machine figures... Hera and Kanan, although I did a bit of paint touch up.  I cobbled the other guys together from different figures.  Ezra is a Luke figure, with some hair added.  Chopper is an R2D2 with a new head (although it really should have been better... I might need to touch it up a bit...) and Sabine is a Boba Fett, who I could have done a much better job on.  Honestly, Ezra is the real winner of the bunch; in person he looks SO damn good it actually looks like a production figure!

Anyway... I don't think there are any real Micro machines Star Wars Rebels figures outside of Hera and Kanan, so I am glad to get these together.

Oh, and what a kid... he just uses all my X-Wing ships, and never has a single one been dropped or broken.  I actually bought the Ghost for him:)

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Barks said...

How awesome! Well done!