Saturday, January 14, 2017

The House of War: Shelf #3

Hey all!

I recently realized that I never posted the rest of my shelves... so, I thought it was time!

So here is shelf three.  I have to admit, the more I look at these, the more I realize I need to add another shelf to the bottom of each... so I'll get on that, because I need the space!:)

Here is the top shelf; my Viking collection, along with their objectives and such.  I am going to be getting these guys on the table soon, and start up a little Viking project!

My 25mm Napoleonic Russian commander and centerpieces.  At the left rear is my captured French soldiers, and to the front right is my marching Pavlov Grenadiers.

The first shelf of my 25mm Napoleonic Russians... lights in front, infantry behind, with the cavalry (in this case, cuirassiers) taking up the rear.

My second shelf of 25mm Napoleonic Russians... same as the one above, although there is a unit of Grenadiers in this group.  Also, it is light cavalry instead of heavy cavalry.  I still have more Russians to paint, but I'm not sure I'll ever muster up the strength to do them!

The final shelf... my 25mm Napoleonic Austrians take up most of the space.  I have another ten units of them, including cavalry and more artillery, in my tiny lead pile.  In the front you can see the 25mm Napoleonic British I painted up!

Anyway... that's shelf #3, and I thought folks might enjoy!  I WILL be adding another shelf to the bottom... it looks a bit empty, and I need the space:(

Thanks for coming by!

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