Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Retreat from Moscow" sled unit finished

Hey all!

Well, I've gotten back in the saddle after a bit too much video game time, and have started in on my Perry "Retreat from Moscow" project!

I finished up the next bit (although looking at the pictures I noticed I missed a detail), which is a unit of sleds, from Perry Miniatures.

Some info from the Perry website itself:

During the Retreat from Moscow, Colonel Marbot seeing that
his regiment, the 23rd Chasseurs a Cheval, was falling apart,
decided to dismount them, use their remaining horses to pull two-man peasant
sledges easily found in local villages. The 23rd formed up with the
24th Chasseurs a Cheval to create a sledge born brigade. At night
these formed squares which were frequently used by Marshal Ney and General
Maison for shelter. Each man was ordered to have two muskets to enable them to
resist attacks with ‘the liveliest musketry’.

They are a neat little unit, and a nice addition to the collection.  Next up I have a few stands of skirmishers... I'll post a workbench picture soon:)

BTW, photographing these guys is... interesting, as far as backgrounds:)

Thanks for coming by for a look!

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Michael Mills said...

Very cool indeed (pun intended)! How did you do the snow? I used baking soda for mine.