Friday, January 13, 2017

A 40mm AWI game... with my son

Hey all!

Well, after he got his two cannons for his AWI collection this Christmas, my son asked if we could play a "toy soldier" game... so we did!

We played "The Battle of House" (his choice)... he was in command of the British, under Cornwallis, and I commanded the Americans, under Washington.

Here are the initial set-ups... My army (on the right) had several patches of wood on its left flank.  My son had the house on his left flank.

Here are the British... Grenadiers on the flank, then the artillery, Cornwallis with the jaegers, and then the Regulars.

Here are the Americans... artillery at the top of the shot, then the two units of militia, Washington, the American Rifles, and the US Regulars.

My son advanced his jaegers defending Cornwallis.

I moved my regulars and rifles towards the cover of the woods, planning to keep the militia on my left as blocking units.

Here is the second turn; you can see my son's British army on the left, and my Americans advancing on the right.

And the next turn, as my men begin to reach the edge of the woods, and fire beings to erupt across the field.

My regulars begin to take fire from the British Grenadiers, and begin to fall, even with the trees offering cover.

I finally begin to advance my militia, as counter-battery fire destroys my artillery!

The jaegers exchange fire with the American Rifles, although it is a tough fight, with nowhere to hide in the open fields!

As the field begins to get full of smoke, I advance my regulars forward a bit, trying to close the distance with the British grenadiers...

Here is the next turn, as my son advanced his regulars into my flank.

And slowly but surely, I get ripped apart!

The British regulars pour fire into my militia...

And Cornwallis gallops up to direct their fire, finally battering the Americans into submission!

When I only had one soldier left, my son looked at me with big doe eyes and said "You know, daddy he can run away."  Because he didn't want him to get shot:)  So, the Americans fled the field!

This was his surviving force... his artillery, 6 of his regulars, and Cornwallis!


Phil said...

Sounds great, wonderful minis!

Steve J. said...

Great to see Father and Son gaming on the floor, just like we used to do many, many years ago. Nowadays my knees are not up to it!