Thursday, January 26, 2017

My 28mm Viking with War Dogs

Hey all!

Well, I am starting in on getting my Vikings on the table.  So one part of that will be cobbling together one or two more figures to add to the collection.

So, I had three wolves sitting around that I wasn't using, and some Viking bits and pieces, along with a few big round bases and a cavalry base for Lord of the Rings.  So... voila!

I tried to paint the wolves up, so they look like dogs... I think it basically worked?  I don't remember what breeds they are... I looked them up, but am drawing a blank:)  I sculpted a pelt on the hound master, as well as a rope for his horn.

Here is the overall collection; as of right now, I think they look awesome.

What SUCKS is that I am actually short heads for the last unit of infantry!  I want all of my Vikings to have helmeted heads, but I seem to have run out!  Very upset... I've got to look around and see if anyone out there has eight for sale:(

Anyway... thanks for coming by and taking a peek!:)

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Ray Rousell said...

They look particularly vicious!!