Saturday, April 5, 2014

My buddy's 25mm AWI collection... for sale:)

Hi all!

Well, as mentioned, my buddy is looking to sell his 25mm AWI collection!

I thought I would put the photos up here, because they are fantastic eye candy, but for much more info (such as what units are what, painting quality, and of course price!) head over to his blog:


Simon Quinton said...

They look awesome. Hope he gets a good price for them.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Your friend may have to sell the collection in pieces. My experience in selling large collections is that selling off smaller groups of units will result in a quicker sale. He could organize the forces into brigades of 3 to 4 regiments and they will be sold in no time.his price per figure seems reasonable, but in these hard economic times, finding someone with $2500 Is not easy.

Author said...

Yeah, he would likely sell them quicker in parts, but he is in no rush at all. I think the idea of having the two sides stay together (the collection was built to mirror itself) is more important to him than selling it anytime soon.

I mean, what would happen to the guys if they got sold separately? After years of coming to life after everyone is asleep and fighting each other, they would miss each other way too much! ;)

muzik212 said...

Exactly, I don't need the money and I'm in no rush. This is more of an attempt to create display space for the new collection. Its more important that my boys stay together in their next life! They have gone through so much together :)

Author said...

You ARE talking about your miniatures, right?