Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some wonderful gifts

Hi all!

Well, I thought I would FINALLY get around to posting some great gifts I've gotten over the last year!

First up is pictured above... an old cartridge box!  My former boss found it in his father-in-law's house, and figured I was the perfect person to appreciate it! A buddy of mine guessed that it was a NY National Guard box, maybe the 7th.  It came with four rounds in it; again, the guess is trap door Springfield rounds.  What a great gift, right?

Now, I am an elementary school teacher, and I do enjoy teaching social studies (who would have guessed?)  Over the years I've had a few kids (okay, more than a few) who have really enjoyed the class, and I've ever gotten a few SS-connected gifts!

Above are a set of soldiers one student made for me.  He LOVES making paper models and soldiers (I tried to turn him on to Scott Washburn over at Paper Terrain...) and made these guys for me at the end of the year!  Not sure if the uniform's are 100 percent correct, but who cares?:)

I also had another student last year who REALLY enjoyed our study of the Civil War.  He has now dragged his family to a half dozen battlefields, and even participated in his first reenactment just a few weeks ago!  Well, his family gave me TWO great gifts.  The infantry symbol above was recovered on the Gettysburg battlefield, and was given to me as an end-of-year gift.  What a GREAT one, right?


And the same family gave me this company badge when they got back from a family trip to Gettysburg!  Beautiful, right?

So!  Thought people might appreciate a quartet of fantastic, House of War gifts!:)

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