Thursday, April 24, 2014

Next three survivors done... and some WIP

Hey all!

Okay, three next survivors complete!  From left to right... my version of Michonne (already finished), my Rick Grimes, a guy with a baseball cap, work boots, and a few tattoos, and an older gent in a sweatshirt with a pretty nice light wood AK.  All kitted out with plenty of gear (and each one with at least one canteen, of course!)

I am still figuring out what I am going to do, basing-wise.  I think I like the wood, the dry looking grass... I'll add a few more details here and there, including doing some yellow road lines and the like.  Overall, I'm happy with how they have come together (even if I am struggling with taking photos of them, for some reason.)

Here are my next two; a more military-style, practically-posed badass, and then a little nod to the hot woman heroine, albeit while double-gunning it.

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