Thursday, April 17, 2014

First painted soldier for my son!

Hey all!

Well, I painted my first toy soldier for my son!  He has a collection of little plastic soldiers, and he picked one that was "daddy's soldier."  Daddy's Soldier has been around for a while.  I had some paints out today, and my son brought Daddy's Soldier over.  I asked if he wanted me to paint Daddy's Soldier, and he said yes!  So, five minutes later, done!  Honestly it was sort of fun... very simple, obviously, and very over-the-top highlighting, but overall I thought it turned out well!  Hey, it was a good practice run for the eventual toy soldier collections coming his way:)


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

Actually your figure is very effective-better than some in my collection! Happy days when our kids get involved.

muzik212 said...

That is one deadly looking hair dryer hes packin! ;)