Thursday, April 17, 2014

My NEWEST project... Zombie Survivors!

Hi all!

Well, I was mucking about, trying to think about what project I would like to tackle next!  I am not really in the mood to paint armies, and honestly am sort of more interested in smaller, individualized projects with some modeling and converting possibilities... and when I saw these Zombie Survivor kits from Wargames Factory, I thought... why not?!:)  I bought one box of the men, and one of the women.  Great little kits!

I thought I would do up a bunch of survivors.  I wanted to make them a bit more ragged and survivor-ish than the original box allows, with plenty of stowage and the like... so I eventually settled on these packs/canteens/add ons as a great way to add some character... they are from Bits of War.  Fantastic, right?

So... I plan to do a few at a time and really relax and enjoy the project.  I will do a few based on the characters from "The Walking Dead" but I'll largely do my own individuals.  I DO plan to do some converting and work on them as I go... there are three of each body and pose in the box, and I don't want triplicates, so it will take some cutting and gluing to make it all work!

Here is my first one... I couldn't wait for the bags, so used what came in the box and did a little green stuff sculpting (it will improve!)  Michonne, from The Walking Dead.  The katana looks too big in the photos, but looks good and menacing in person:)

Anyway... it should be fun!:)

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