Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some spectacular, multi-period/scale eye candy!

Hey all!

Well, stopped by my buddy's place today, and brought the camera... and snapped a BUNCH of eye candy for you toy soldier lovers out there!

So, there were a lot of toy soldiers... first up, I took a few shots of one of the 25mm ACW cabinets... in this case, a few shelves of Federals.  This is about a quarter of the collection.

A bunch of federals, including Berdan's on the front left with some Garibaldi Guard behind them, and Fire Zouaves at the back.  Note the officer with his dog at the front.

More Federals.

More Federals.

Some Federal guns, including a pair of huge siege guns in the center.

A bunch of Federal cavalry.

Now THAT is a piece of scenery!  The Seminary, from Gettysburg, in 28mm, made, if I recall correctly, by HG Walls.

A WHOLE bunch of 28mm Napoleonics.  

My buddy is working on a new collection, started by some Fall In purchases.  A whole 40mm AWI collection.  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL figures and paint jobs.

Of course, a new collection needs new scenery!  At the top of this post you can see two of my buddy's new 40mm buildings.

Here is the smaller farmhouse.  Note the game of checkers being played on the porch.  I love the lead scatter that my buddy did... EVERY Rev War game should be played during the fall!:)

Here is another 40mm ouse.  The stonework and bricks I think turned out excellent.. he said it took him like three nights just to do the stonework.

The reinforcements!  Three regiments of American infantry, and some guns.

More reinforcements... some Jaegers.

The reinforcements being all based up.

And just so folks know... this same buddy is selling off a MASSIVE 28mm AWI collection in the near future... so I'll have more info about that soon!


NW Crew said...

Impressive collection!

Phil said...

Beautiful! Love the roofs with the leaves especially...

Phyllion said...

Wow, lovely. Are they flag dude banners?

Simon Quinton said...

Nice pics those cabinets full of ACW figures are very impressive.