Friday, March 21, 2014

Two great posts from other wargaming sites!

Hi all!

I just wanted to "pimp" two fantastic blog posts that I just saw today... 

First up, from the EVER excellent "Wargaming with a Silver Whistle," there is this FANTASTICALLY finished 28mm WWII European buildings from 4Ground!

The buildings themselves are great, but check out the fantastic scratch-built modular block and backyard!

Here is the link!  

Here is another great find, from The Miniatures Page!  Houses undercoated with a metallic undercoat, and doors and windows magnetized on the back, so the buildings can be used for several collections, including fantasy, middle eastern, and modern!

For more, check out this link!


chris said...

Saw the silver whistle one the other day myself. I only dream about playing on terrain like this, let alone building it. Thanks for the reminder of what good stuff is out there.

Silver Whistle said...

Hi, I have just come across your excellent blog and to find that you have given my blog a mention in yours is very kind of you.
Much appreciated,

Author said...

Hey guys, thanks for coming by...

Pat, I've drooled over your blog SO many times, I'm glad you've found your way over here! Some really top-notch painting, collecting, and terrain...your Zulu, obviously, are fantastic, but your terrain in particular is always what gets me. The Zulu British camp, the wheat fields... all of it, really beautiful:)

Anyway... thanks for the great blog and the kind words! If you ever feel like throwing my blog onto your blog role, that would be great!:)

Silver Whistle said...

Now added.