Saturday, March 15, 2014

Last few money shots of the 10mm Napoleonics

A few more shots of the Napoleonics!

Here are a few Divisions and Corps of French infantry!

Above is the Guard, marching to war!

The Guard again.

The French line battalions advance...

... and the British prepare to open fire!


Sun of York said...

Most impressive.

Mark Rabuck said...

Nice! That last shot in particular shows the great effect you can get with well-done 10mm figures in abundance.

Author said...

Thanks guys!

I touched up the shots a bit... the white balance was way off... they are now much more true-to-life. I hope you get to see them!:)

And thanks for the kind comments:)

muzik212 said...

Those Brits better enjoy that volley! They are about to be very dead.

Krablauch said...

Really like the look of them! What do you use for your mat?