Monday, June 27, 2011

The Gem Saloon... finished!


Whelp, all done!

I started watching the HBO series "Deadwood" a few months ago, and was instantly hooked.  A FANTASTIC series, right in line with some great HBO shows like Rome, The Sopranos, and of course Band of Brothers.

And of course, everyone's favorite character from Deadwood?  None other than the great Al Swearengen.  Just the right combo of charisma, danger, and charm, the proprietor of the Gem Saloon is a real classic.

So!  After seeing that there was a company out there that made an Al Swearengen figure, I thought it might be nice to do a little scene of him!

So... did a scene of him in the Gem, cup in hand.  Ended up using another figure with some green stuff work to stand in for Dan.  Also gave Dan a knife, as well as a bowl of canned peaches.  Grabbed some 25mm bottles, and combined them with a few casks and boxes.  Did some of the signs from the show as well as the Lincoln portrait.  And of course there is the usual blood-stain on the floor at Al's feet... you know he scrubbed at it!

Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  It took a few tries to get the colors right, and even now I feel they are a bit too grey... the Gem is mostly made of newer wood, so I should have gone a bit more "brown" but what can you do.  The planking turned out just fine.  The plaster could have been better, but what can you do... live and learn!

I do have one last bit to do, but I'm a bit torn about HOW to do it... I need to do a nameplate on the front of the whole scene!  The thing is... how do I do it, with a plaque?  And more importantly... what should it say?  Any suggestions, folks?

So... that's it!  Now... what project next?:)


Josiah M said...

Great looking diorama!

Mazikainen said...

"How does Hearst hope to defeat me? Allied as I am with the imbecile, the contemptible, and the promiscuous fu*king insane."

wardy-la said...

Miles Anderson: "God bless you, Mr. Swearengen."
Al Swearengen: "Well, not likely. But my prospects have just improved."