Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Space Wolf Terminator Squad... DONE!


Well... my 40k Space Wolf Terminator squad is finally done!

I wanted to start this project a long time ago... when these minis first came out!  However, after being lazy and not ordering them for a long, long time (the expense was also a bit much I thought, and continue to think...) I finally broke.

I knew sort of what I wanted... a squad of five Wolf Guard, mounted on cool bases, with the commander having a pet white wolf.

So!  I got the set, picked up some bases, threw them together...

I wanted to do them all in grey tones, with the weapons being in a lighter beige/grey mix.  I really wanted them to be simple, simple figures.

I also had to do a few beards out of greenstuff... I think they look fine, but I learned from the first one to the third one!:)

The wolf for the captain is from a pack from Ral Partha... there are a bunch of left-overs now, and I have nothing to do with them!  I actually had to do a bit of sculpting around the wolf, as the base was impossible to cut off... so I had to make the stone precipice he is standing on out of green stuff.

I did two with close combat weapons and two with storm bolters... obviously I didn't go with a really powerful game setup (no Cyclone) but I liked the look... simple and mean.

Also, I didn't do any Space Wolf insignia... I like to think of them as more armored warriors of old.

I liked the back of the guy with the claws... I put the wolf tail talisman on him almost as if he attached it to represent an actual tale!:)

Anyway... I am happy with how they turned out.

Anyone have a guess what their approximate value would be?  I don't think I'll sell them, but I would be curious to know!


Johnny Wishbone said...

I liked the way you posed those guys. Very unique! I also do the same thing with my 40k models, minus the paint.

Author said...

Very cool, I like your figures! A dynamic look is hard to get right, but a lot of fun when it IS right.

Thanks for coming by and saying hi!