Sunday, June 12, 2011

Okay, bottles purchased

Hey all!

Thanks to some recommendations from a few folks, I did manage to find some great bottles and other accessories for my Gem Saloon scene.

I bought a pack of the wine bottles, a pack of the spirit bottles, and one thing of glasses/wine bottles... I'll probably trim some of the glasses down to make shot glasses.

I also bought a pack of their mixed lights... I figure that I can use one of the lanterns, the candle in the jug, and the stand-alone candles in the scene.

All of this stuff was courtesy of Black Cat Bases.

There isn't a lot more I have to track down... gotta make a few little bowls for the peaches that Al likes so much... then make a little frame for the Abe Lincoln portrait that hangs over the bar... I already have, I think, some little barrels to serve as casks... then I just need to get a LOT of wood for planks!  I do have to think about how the PAINT the whole thing, though... do I just stain it all?  I think I'll have to actually paint the whole thing.  I am nervous about being able to achieve the dusty look I want... this will be a good challenge.

The Space Wolf terminator is done, btw... just got dipped.  Now I just have to wait for him to dry.


Giles said...

Where did you find these, Lord A? They look really good.


Author said...

Oh I'm an idiot, meant to link it. I'll put the link in the note, but so you know, it is Black Cat Bases.

Thanks for stopping by, Giles... always adore your blog!:)