Saturday, June 18, 2011

The bar is installed in the Gem Saloon...

Howdy partners!

Well, I've continued work on the Gem... Al will get his paint tonight, but for now Tom Nuttall is standing in for the big boss. 

The back bar was made out of various bits and pieces, with the underside left empty... I'll stick a few bottles, casks, and boxes down in there.  The bar is solid, but I figure you'll rarely have the chance to see inside.

I am going to do some framing on the base itself... right now it is just rough.  I haven't quite decided yet how I will do that, but we'll see.

Just so folks can see, here is one of the still shots I'm using as reference.  Now, not everything will be exact, because some of it would be hard to do, but I should have the signs and all of that pretty well done.

Anyway... more when I have done it!:)

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