Saturday, June 11, 2011

Work underway on the last Space Wolf terminator...

Well, the first couple of colors are on... the termie isn't glued onto the base, as I want to finish both him and the wolf and then dip them... then I'll do the base, and then glue everyone together.  I really want to finish this guy so I can get on to my Deadwood scene!:)

I do have to figure out what color I want in the inside lining of the cloak... any suggestions?  They are VERY grey figures right now... should I go with something TOTALLY different, like an orange, to really make the boss stand out?  Or something somewhere in the same palette... like a grey-blue?

1 comment:

Phyllion said...

I'd go for a deep crimson. Not as glaring as orange or yellow, but would add a refreshing lick of colour.

Looking forward to seeing the final squad!