Saturday, June 18, 2011

Al Swearengen

Well, Al has got his paint.  I touched him up and posted a new picture above... overall, I think he turned out just fine.  At first his pinstripes were way too bright, but some black washes really toned them done nicely.

I also finished Dan's hat... I think it looks good, although seeing the picture it looks slightly uneven from that one angle... I'll give it another look.  Found a great knife in a set of plastic Celts that will be stuck in the bar in front of Dan, too... what would Dan be without a knife for killing some coc... er... nevermind.


Anthony said...

This looks great...just like Ian McShane and you can see the scowl on his face as he has to deal with some c*ck-sucker or worse yet..Wu's pigs :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking good, im eager to see how it all goes!

Beccas said...

Looks good. My favourite character in Deadwood.