Saturday, May 9, 2009

25mm Nap. Russians - Infantry 3

Okay... so I got off track with some ACW. My bad. Back to the Napoleonics!:)

I figured it was time to follow up my 25mm Napoleonic Russian artillery with some Russian infantry.

Like all of my units, the figures are from Foundry, and they are almost all in great coats. I just love the image of huge blocks of Russian troops all decked out to deal with the Russian winter! As always I scattered some men with fatigue caps throughout the ranks... one pack of them was enough to put one or two in each unit, which is nice because it breaks up the uniformity.

The flags, as always, are Flag Dude... in fact, I have a short review of his work coming up in the near future.

The minis are from Foundry.

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Great looking units

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