Monday, April 27, 2009

25mm Nap. Russians - Artillery 1

Two posts in one day! Sacre bleu!

I wasn't planning on doing two posts today, but I looked and I realized that ALL of April was spent on 10mm Napoleonics! So I thought I would take a break and put up some more 25mm Napoleonics!

Here is another part of my Russian Napoleonic army... namely, the first battery of artillery.

It consists of three artillery pieces, each with four crew. Like the rest of my 25mm collection, the guns and troops are mounted on scenic bases. I painted the guys a bit dirty and sweaty, purposely going just a touch sloppy and heavy on the darker shades on their skin.

Of course, like all of my artillery the Russians are supported. First off, each of the guns has its own limber to move it into and out of harms way. Each battery also has a supply wagon. Rather than go with a caisson as might be more appropriate, I wanted my Russians to have a little bit of a rag-tag look, and so thought I would replace the traditional caisson with a farm wagon laden with supplies, clearly requisitioned from a farmer as the army moved through!

Artillery and crew by Foundry, and support by Old Glory.

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