Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BEAUTIFUL guest shots at the House of War!

I just got back from a good friend's house. He is the owner of a massive collection of beautiful toy soldiers, including 25mm ACW, AWI, WWII, Navy, and Warhammer collections, and 15mm ACW, WWII, and Napoleonic collections.

Not only that, but he has dozens and dozens of antique firearms, uniforms, medical kits, and other fantastic collectibles.

He just moved into a house and is planning to have a House of War that makes my own House of War rather pitiful looking. It will be a few months until everything is ready, but for now, I thought I would show some shots of his current 25mm ACW collection, mainly his 25mm Federals. Please note; there is an entire closet of men equal to this number that are not featured:)



mad padre said...

Beautiful figures - I can only aspuire to paint half as well as that. Is your friend taking applications for more friends? :)

Thanks for sharing,


muzik212 said...

Thanks for the compliment MP. In truth I dont game much at all. I really get into painting, making terrain and setting up displays. Yep I pretty much just sit at a table and play with my toy soldiers :) I play about 2 games a year.


Author said...

And it will be one game less when Fall In moves!:)

I am more of the games-player of the two of us; he is more the collector. Maybe once he gets his table all up and running we'll get him to play some games!:)

Bobby said...

I have to know! Where did you get the 3 Confederates posing on the splitrail fence??? This is my favorit Civil War pohoto (wall paper on my computer at the moment) and I would love to paint a set!!! Where can I get these???