Monday, April 6, 2009

Some more 10mm Napoleonic table shots

Hey all!

Thought I would throw up some more 10mm Napoleonic shots.

I have, as I mentioned, looked at the table again and moved some stuff around. Now there are two main parts of the field.

On one end the British Allies defend the flank. There is a dense wood on one side, next to a walled chateau. The Allies have taken up position in front of this wood and in the orchards of the chateau, waiting for a French assault.

In the center is another heavy wood. The British have sent some men into the woods, as French skirmishers prepare to push into the woods on the other side.

On the far side of the woods the land opens up, with wheat fields following the gentle contours of the land. The British line waits for the French attack, which pushed forward but then had to halt and form square as British cavalry pushed towards them. The French cavalry was caught a bit flat footed and needs to get out to rescue the French squares, which are getting hammered by British artillery. A second French attack is preparing, which includes the Guard... Napoleon will defeat his British enemies with the Grumblers if no one else pulls through!

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