Sunday, May 3, 2009

The start of the big 10mm Napoleonic test game

Well, I played the first few rounds of the game! For the first few shots of the initial deployments, look about two posts down!

I am not going to document this game like I did the last one; it took an awful long time!:) Instead, I'll just do some photos with some captions as I go! On the far flank the two sides are closing on each other, ready to simply brawl... the French have more infantry, but the British have cavalry, which can force the French into square, and they have their artillery freshly unlimbered, ready to make the French start taking "Stand!" tests! In the center the British have sent a battalion to hold the chateau and the land around it, while the French have sent a battalion of the Old Guard to watch it. Meanwhile on the near flank the British are attempting to redeploy towards the center, using a brigade in square to hold back the sea of French cavalry on that flank... however, would poor commanders doom this plan?!
On the far side of the field, the British and French are both slowed by uncertain commanders and overeager commanders, but the lines begin to form and the British artillery unlimbers, ready to fire. This field will likely be the site of a lot of bloodshed!
A British brigade moves up to take the chateau; the thick walls of the building and the hedges around it will provide excellent cover and a strong point for the British line.
Opposite them, however, the Old Guard masses and sends out skirmishers, getting ready to tackle the chateau, while the French artillery redeploys to the other side of the field, where the British squares and woods are rendering the French cavalry useless.
On the near flank, the British plan was to have Colonel Sharpe's battalion hold the space between the woods while in square, thus rendering the cavalry useless, while the rest of the brigade passed them to take the woods and link up with the chateau. However, the other two officers in the brigade allowed themselves to get carried away with the excitement of the fight (what is that saying? British cavalry is the worst lead?) and both surge forwards towards the French cavalry, which is just milling around... would this leave them vulnerable to a countercharge?!

I'll put up more as I get it!

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