Saturday, May 9, 2009

15mm ACW - Federal Infantry 5

It has been all Napoleonics, all the time, so I figured it was time to give some love to the American Civil War fans!

Here is the next unit in my Federal collection; yet another unit of blue coated infantry!

This is one of the very few units that is pretty specific; I have a lot of generic infantry. This is obviously the 8th Wisconsin, which is, along with the 14th Brooklyn and the Irish, one of the most wargaming-modeled Federal units around! You can actually see on the command stand Old Abe himself, standing on his little perch.

This unit is also a bit different than my other Federal units in that it is one of the only ones with floppy hats. Therefore it is not quite as interchangeable as the others. Plus, a lot of the guys with packs on have a white "8 Wi" painted on them.

Figures courtesy of Battle Honors.

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