Saturday, May 23, 2009

The participants for my next 10mm Napoleonic game...

Howdy all! Well, I have gotten the participants and scenario down for the next 10mm Napoleonic battle!

This will be another French vs British affair. In this case two French divisions (on the right side of the photo to the left) have been sent to hold off a large attack from three British divisions (on the left side of the photo). Napoleon, knowing how important it is to hold the British back on this flank of the battlefield, has dedicated a number of elite formations to the cause, knowing that they will be outnumbered but hoping they will not be outfought!

The battlefield has some natural slopes in the center of it and a long road hedged in by fields and walls that runs across one side. There is a chateau on the near French flank that is currently held. The objectives? For the French, to hold off the British attack. For the British; smash through the French forces!

This one will seem a bit unbalanced; three British divisions versus only two French divisions. The French, however, will begin deployed anywhere on their half of the field that they wish, as they are defending ground and have already deployed. The French also have a rather powerful force, including three batteries of artillery and two brigades of Old Guard. The British have more men, but not necessarily great ones... they have three brigades of Allied troops among their divisions. Also, while the British are all on the table to start, that is just representative; the brigades will actually come on gradually, forcing the British generals to take some time to muster their force. Okay... so here are the participants!

British 1st Division, under Sir Arthur Wellesley
(near flank) The Duke of Wellington commands the largest British division. It consists of two brigades of British infantry and one brigade of Allied infantry. Also, it has a battery of 9lb guns to support it.
British 2nd Allied Division, under The Prince of Orange
(center) The Prince of Orange commands the 2nd Allied Division. It consists of two brigades of Allied troops (including one commanded by Colonel Sharpe, who was specifically requested to serve under the Prince) and one brigade of cavalry. These troops are not the finest but will suffice, although both of the Colonels not named Sharpe are inferior officers. The Prince also has a single battery of light artillery.
British 3rd Division, under General Thomas Picton
(far flank) Picton commands the 3rd British Division. It consists of two under-strength brigades of British infantry, which include two battalions of Highlanders. It also has a brigade of British cavalry.
French 1st Division, under Marshal Soult
(near flank) The French 1st Division is commanded by Marshal Soult. It consists of a brigade of Old Guard (who have occupied a chateau on the French flank), a brigade of line infantry that includes a battalion of converged grenadiers, and a brigade of cavalry. It is supported by a battery of light artillery that is posted on the main road, behind the cover of the hedge rows.
French 2nd Division, under Marshal Ney
(far flank) Marshal Ney commands the 2nd Division. It consists of two batteries of heavy 12lb guns, a brigade of Old Guard, an overstrength brigade of line infantry (that includes a converged battalion of grenadiers and a converged battalion of voltigeurs) and a brigade of cavalry.
So that is that! When I start the game I'll post some photos. And in the meantime if anyone wants to offer some strategies for either side, I'm all ears!:)

Marshal Soult urges the Old Guard to hold the chateau at all costs!

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