Sunday, May 3, 2009

Measuring at the House of War

Hey all,

What with so many photos of toy soldiers on the table recently, I thought I would share my measuring tools!

First off, I have a standard ruler that I keep on hand. I just screwed a hook into the side of the table and then, using the hole already in the ruler, dropped the ruler on! Voila! Now there is always a ruler near at hand.

The other piece I have are a pair of measuring sticks I made for my own rule set.

The shorter 10 inch one is the musket ruler. The red area is close range. In addition the ruler is broken, using dashed lines, into 3 inch pieces to enable the measuring of movement.

The larger 30 inch stick is for artillery. Like the musket stick, it features a close range element in red (marked canister) and a 20 inch mark for reference.

Both of my measuring sticks live along the edge of the table; three more hooks, and they just slide neatly into place!

Oh, and as an aside... here are the French commanders for my next 10mm Napoleonics game!

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