Saturday, May 23, 2009

The end of one 10mm Nap game, and the start of another...

The 10mm Napoleonic game has ended!

To be truthful, after only one more turn it was clear who had had won... the French cavalry on the near flank was stymied and hurt, the French attack through the center woods was smashed and the Allied brigade had rallied... in the center the British still barely held the chateau, but they had turned back three-quarters of the Guard. And finally on the far flank the overwhelming French wave was hit, at the last second, by an entire brigade of British cavalry, and that, plus the artillery and British troops behind the stone wall and the thick flank of Allied troops ended it!

And with the end of one game, time to start another! I've taken some time to analyze and reworks bits of my
rules... skirmishers still needed work to properly interact with cavalry and artillery in the right way, but now work nicely. I streamlined a few processes, did a little work on light guns vs heavy guns, and generally tweaked the whole thing.

I am busy rebuilding the table, one with a few more natural rolls, and have a scenario in mind... here is the table in-progress... if you have any suggestions, or anything you want to see, please let me know!

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Coyote said...

How did you build your table. I'm about to start a table of my own, though not a permanent table like yours.

The base will be two 72"x30" tables giving me a total size of 6'x5'

I tried searching your site and found good stuff on making woods and fields, but not about the base of the table.