Sunday, February 12, 2017

The House of War: Shelf #4

Hey all!

Well, I thought I would finally post Shelf #4!

Now, this shelf is entirely dedicated to a single army; my 25mm Napoleonic French.  It is possibly my best large-scale army, and was the first of my revival in toy soldier painting after years of not painting... so it gets a good spot!

Here is the top shelf.  In the back is Napoleon and all of his command.  It is a large tray, obviously, and not really suited for wargaming, but I wanted to do it, soooo... I did!:)  I love all the little stories in it... the irritated General being delayed by Napoleon's Aide de Camp, the General up on the ridge conferring with his adjuncts, the officer just arriving at command, the orders being written... all of it.  Also on the shelf are the two sets of foot officers for the army, and the army commander himself.

Now, the soldier shelves are largely the same.  Here are two trays of skirmishers, backed up by two battalions of Old Guard.  The heavy cavalry (cuirassiers) are backing the whole group up.

In the middle are my two "special" scenes... the surgeon and hospital wagon, and the blacksmith.  I put two stands of skirmishers in here to give them a little protection (and because I didn't have any other room!)

Soldier shelf three has another two trays of skirmishers (defending a stone wall, this time), two battalions of infantry, and some hussars.

Another shelf of soldiers has another two trays of skirmishers, two more battalions of line infantry, and some French Lancers.

Finally, the artillery!  Two pieces of foot artillery, and two pieces of Guard artillery (although I think I got the heads wrong when I did the conversions) with limbers and caissons.

So!  That is the last toy soldier shelf!  They've actually changed up a bit since I originally posted (the Vikings from Shelf #3 are on the table, with more Star Wars Armada figures taking their place...) but at least it is a lot to look at!:)

Thanks for coming by!

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