Monday, February 6, 2017

Room set for an X-Wing evening

Got a buddy coming by at the end of the week... been a while since we've hung out (he recently had a child, and started his own business...) and we used to play a bit of X-Wing.  So, we figured that would be a fun centerpiece for an evening of hangout, as a little throwback!

It sounds funny, but I do love restocking before folks drop by... always gotta make sure you've got a variety of cold drinks on hand, that the chips are nicely diversified, and the candy jar hasn't been completely overtaken by uneaten Snickers!

The squads are picked up with pure fun in mind... Imperials have three Academy TIEs, Tetran Cowell with Push the Limit, and Rexler Brath with a title.  Rebels have two rookie X-Wings with an astromech in each, a Y wing with a blaster turret and an R2 mech, and Tycho with Push the Limit and a Stealth device.

Anyway... put something on in the background (Star Wars?), push around some tiny ships, and have a few drinks.  And fear not, the beer will get consumed before it gets warm:)

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