Saturday, February 25, 2017

First two 25mm French "Retreat from Moscow" skirmisher stands finished

Hey all!

Well, I got the first two skirmish stands finished for my "Retreat from Moscow" French army!

I may switch a few guys between them... the one above is very infantry heavy, and the one below very cavalry heavy... I am not sure I want them that distinct.

Overall I am very happy with how they turned out.  I could maybe do a bit deeper snow on there, but I think it is fine.  Love the guy in the center of this one, the Chasseur...  I'll get a few individual shots from different angles soon enough.

Here is the army so far!  I feel like these two skirmish stands really get it to start to look like a wargaming army, you know?

Next up I'll get the next full infantry unit done... then the last skirmish tray, and then done!  Well, sort of done... thinking about doing Napoleon on a sled to really finish it up:)

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