Sunday, February 12, 2017

Made a Sandcrawler for my son...

Hey all!
Well, as I've mentioned, my son LOVES Micromachine Star Wars figures.  I've made him up a Rebels crew, and a BUNCH of rooms and the like.  Well, I thought I would make his first vehicle!

So, I made it out of balsa.  I did a command "bridge" at a higher level, and then used a short wall to split the back into two possible rooms.

I sort of did the balsa equivalent of greebling, with some random bits and pieces added to the outside.  I did the same with paint, just adding some details, to give it a little variety.  Paint was fairly simple, although again, I tried to make it a bit varied with some streaks of other colors.

It is a fairly strong piece; after make it, I reinforced all the joints with super glue, so it can take a little bit of a beating.  My son is INCREDIBLY careful though, so frankly it didn't need it.

Anyway... more soon, and thanks for stopping by!:)

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