Thursday, February 9, 2017

My five year old boy has started playing X-Wing!

Hey all!

Well, the son has gotten older... and I've raised a good one!:D

Not only do we watch Star Wars together (mainly Rebels) but he LOVES playing X-Wing!

It is a little crazy that a five year old can play X-Wing, but he totally gets it.  It is really funny to hear a little kid talk about shedding stress and barrel rolling (which he LOVES) but good, too:)

We played a game today (it was a snow day) with him flying the Ghost and Phantom (Hera and Ezra flying) versus several TIE fingers and an Interceptor.  He did eventually win, blowing the TIEs away. He didn't deploy the Phantom until halfway through, but it did some good work once he did.

And here is the proud Rebel commander!

So... let the indoctrination continue!


AHunt said...

Awesome. Gaming with your kids is really rewarding. Nice work and congratulations.

 Ashley said...

Good one, well done.