Friday, March 9, 2012

Some finished Middle Eastern scenery for the 15mm Moderns

Hello, blog readers!

You know, I am glad so many people do check the blog.  I am sorry that I have wandered from the primary interest areas of Napoleonics and ACW, and into such areas as my video games, 28mm Vikings, Space Wolves, Al Swearengen, and now 15mm Moderns.  It is funny, because I was always a real traditionalist of a collector... it was all black powder collections.  But I've since enjoyed doing some other small "projects!

I hope everyone has found stuff to enjoy on this blog.  If the current stuff isn't your interest, I hope you can do what I do... read over old 10mm Napoleonic battle reports!:D  I love reliving that stuff!

Anyway... here is the latest!

First up, some 15mm Jersey barricades (*sigh*) to line the roads (top).

I just gave them a spray of the basic ground undercoat... maybe I'll do a touch of highlighting, but I am not convinced they need them... they look GOOD drab!

I also did a single market stall, just to test the palate.  Did a brown-gray, followed by a white highlight, to do the bleached woods.  Thoughts?

Finally... what do I do with this Gamecraft Miniatures fountain?  I was thinking of putting in on a blank wall of my mosque... Or should it be on an individual piece?  Thoughts?

Thanks for coming by, all, both for this post and the rest!


mad padre said...

The fountain is lovely. I would myself attach it to the wall of the mosque or some other important building. It has the potential to be a real splash of color.

Beccas said...

Great buildings.