Sunday, March 4, 2012

15mm painted ACW collection for sale

Sold to a good home, thanks!

250 bucks for the collection!

Hey all!

Well... with the baby here, and money always needed, I thought I'd delve into my storage closet and send some of my soldiers off to homes where they will get more chances to fight for glory!

So!  With that said... I am selling off some 15mm ACW figures, fully painted and ready to go!

This was a small collection I put together to help aim my overall collection play Western theatre games, but honestly you could use them for anything.  The Rebs are a bit more ragged and varied, and the Federals feature a lot of Hardee hats and the like.  And of course slouch hats abound!  There is a single unit of zouaves (14th NY); even though they did not serve out west, I really loved the miniatures and wanted to paint them up!

Here are the totals:

6 units of 5 stands
2 units of 4 stands

A total of 38 stands of 152 painted figures.  Two of the units (one 5 stand one 4) don't have flags, as they were originally the second half of a larger unit.

6 units of 5 stands

A total of 30 stands of 120 painted figures.  Again, a couple don't have flags as they were intended as second parts of an original unit.

Everything is as it appears in the photo, except for ONE point; looking at these guys now I realize I didn't black out the edges of every stand!  So I'll do that... they've got to look uniform!:)

It kills me to sell these guys, as they are great wargames figures and honestly are a real historical set for me, personally.  However, babies are expensive.

So!  I hope these guys will go to a good home!

I figure 20 bucks a unit is a pretty good price, so these guys are yours for 280 bucks, plus whatever shipping is.

Not bad for a lovely little wargames collection to get you started, or to expand what you have!

Any questions?  Just let me know!

My email is grenadierguardscampaigns AT

Thanks all!


Ray Rousell said...

Great looking figures, shame they're up for sale, but needs must!!!!

CPBelt said...

Be careful selling off minis and games! This time next year, you'll wish you had them back! I know all too well from experience. Don't even talk to me about all the old (now ultra-valuable) wargames and minis I got rid of when my son was born 21 years ago. :-( Last year I sold my 10mm ancients, but am re-buying them today. As Elmer Fudd says, "Be vewy vewy careful." LOL

Sweet looking minis and set up. Love the scenery too.

Duane said...

I would be interested in these, but I'll have to pass it by the boss (wife). I'll get back to you.