Saturday, March 31, 2012

The 15mm modern table tiles!

Howdy all!

Okay... last night I took the one piece of MDF that I had, and decided to paint it up to act as a modern tile!

I only really need one to play a game, so I think I'll be setting this guy up on the table and I'll put my unfinished buildings on it and playing... that I think will give me incentive to work on them!:)

There are a few shots here.

First up, some of my 15mm US troops along with their humvee.  It isn't glued down to its base, but I think I will glue it down; I think it will look good.

I also took a few shots of my insurgents.

Anyway... I think they turned out pretty cool.  I also think the tile turned out nicely.  My real ones will be smaller, but for now I can use this.  I first painted it with sand paint.  I then gave it a

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