Sunday, March 25, 2012

15mm Modern Insurgents finished!

My first set of 15mm modern insurgents are done!

I painted these guys up using pretty simple colors... browns and blue for the blue jeans.  The belts and web gear is mostly black, with one or two tan pieces there, undoubtedly taken from enemy supplies.

I painted the headwear in a mix of black, white, and red, with one polka dot one.

Weapons were simple; all black, with sections of wood.  I wish that I had some heavy machine guns... sometime in the future, maybe:)

My "Osama" looking guy is a conversion from a 15mm FOW German artilleryman... he looks sharp in person, although in the photo you can ALWAYS see the mistakes:)

I wanted to keep these guys simple, and I think I succeeded... and they look really good:)  Can't wait until they can go to war a bit!

Next up I think I am going to make a few IED markers... simple stuff, but I think it will look good:)

So stick around!

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