Monday, March 19, 2012

FINALLY! A true wargame for the iPad!


I have long thought that the iPad was the IDEAL platform for wargames.  Not only is it portable and light, but you can almost move the figures around with your own hands... VERY wargaming!

However, I've been disappointed that there hasn't been a good wargame for the iPad yet.

Well, no more!  Finally there is, from the folks over at Slitherine... Battle Academy!

It performs exactly as you would expect on an iPad, and is a ton of fun.  It covers almost every part of the Western Theatre, including Africa and Europe, and includes a ton of units.  Very intuitive game controls, and good game mechanics... suppress the enemy and then engage them on the flank!

One downside?  The cost... it is 20 bucks.  Now, that is NOTHING compared to XBOX games, but is more than most people expect to pay for an iPad game.

Honestly though, it is worth it!

So go out there and buy it!


mad padre said...

Lord Ashram:

What is the name of that game? It wasn't clear from your post. I suppose I could google slitherine and look for something that matches your screen shot.
I just purchased an ipad and I am quite curious.

Author said...

I am an idiot. Fixed... it is called Battle Academy.