Saturday, February 4, 2012

Market stalls made for the 15mm Middle East moderns

Hey all!

Well, the wife and baby are out of town (huzzah!) so I finally got some time to myself.  My buddy stopped by to play video games and talk shop, and while he was here I figured I'd take advantage of his astute model building and do a little work for the 15mm moderns!

So, I have the buildings and trees coming (and some humvees courtesy of IrishSerb... more on that later) but I figured I still need a few more levels "down" of scenery and detail... things like street barricades and the like.  We tackled some market stalls, the likes of which you might see in a Middle Eastern bazar. The tables were the perfect finishing touch.  Now I need to prime them and paint them, and they'll be ready to roll!

BTW, I have a system for the game I am making that I thought up... I'll post more about it later, but I think it is pretty neat:)


Luckyjoe said...

Nice looking stalls. Those will be great on the table.

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent, you made a great job on these!!