Thursday, February 23, 2012

15mm Modern US Infantry - finished!

Ah ha!

My 15mm Modern US infantry are done!

They were based on very small buttons, which were then built up with plaster and sanded (although in retrospect, I wish I had used finer sand).  They were then undercoated with a tan spray I picked up at Home Depot, and then painted; black for the weapons, a few shades for the camo, and so on.  I gave them a quick dip in a Minwax wood varnish, then matted and based!

Just FYI, the radio antennas are made of a single brush hair from a house painting brush... they turned out pretty good.  Oh, and yes, I am aware that the goggles actually have their covers on... but I liked the look of them painted better:)

One later note; I think I have to repaint the javelins, as a friend pointed out they are never black, but almost always olive drab.

I am happy with the minis (which come from Rebel Minis) except for one exception; the guy armed with the M203 (middle row far right) clearly doesn't match the rest and looks sculpted for another collection.  It is irritating... every time I look at him it bothers me:(  Oh well.

Anyway... there they are!  Back to buildings!


Michael Awdry said...

A great looking force, fantastic work Sir.

irishserb said...

Very nice!

Author said...

Thanks guys! Serb, can't wait to get the humvees, thanks again!:)

Brian said...

This project rocks!!

Gamecraft makes some sick sick stuff, thanks for sharing.