Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gamecraft Miniatures buildings

Hey all!

Well, as regular readers of this blog know, I've started in on a new project; a 15mm modern collection.

I've never been a guy who was really into the moderns.  However, I've seen a few really neat collections recently that got me interested... and then I happened to see the new Gamecraft Miniatures MDF Middle Eastern buildings... and voila!

I ordered a whole bunch of buildings (and then, like any easy customer does, I promptly email the owner Allen and asked to add to my original order... I am a pain in the ass... ) to make up a small middle eastern city.  I went with the laser cut MDF buildings, although he also has resin buildings and foam core.

They are just a really fantastic little product.  They come in little plastic baggies with each bag featuring a full kit for a building.  I ordered only the removable roof buildings; I want the interiors accessible.  They do also have ones with the roof secured in place.  The buildings fit together very easily, with little tabs and a touch of glue.  I also got a set of interior walls from them; I wanted the insides playable, after all.  The interior walls fit together very nicely.  I even picked up a few sets of stairs, that are a bit of a pain to put together (one step at a time!) but are just awesome little pieces.

One note; you could TOTALLY use them with basically no work done; some even have bullet holes pocked through them, and exposed bricks.  I would say you would just want to give the ends of the tabs a little rub or two with sandpaper to get rid of the darker color and you could absolutely use them as is.

I did have two small issues, one of which was resolved almost instantly (and the second of which will likely also be.)  I did order some rather delicate balconies to put on the buildings, but unfortunately about half of them came a bit broken.  I shot Allen a quick email and he immediately responded with an apology and explanation (must have used a softer piece of wood) and that he'd send me another set the very next day.  He was super, super nice about it.  Unfortunately I JUST unpacked the whole order (a week or two after it arrived) and noticed one piece missing.  I am sure Allen will take care of it.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend the Gamecraft buildings.  They are awesome looking, go together super easy, and cheap.  The guys there are also super easy to work with and very nice:)

One last note; Allen includes a few pieces of candy in each order.  I got some Smarties and a toffee.  I know it is silly, but I love those little touches!:)


Chris Stoesen said...

Very cool. Based on your recommendation, I shot on over to check them out. I really like what I see so far. Several of the old west buildings look like they would serve for some ACW games. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking buildings! The sweets are a great touch too!!

Phil Broeders said...

I think Hasslefree Miniatures put a lolly in every order as well.

As you say, litle touches!

Phyllion said...

These look really cool but they don't seem to do 10mm, which is a pity as would have been useful for a potential new project...