Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Modern buildings done!

Well, it is coming along!

Here are the first two buildings, basically finished except for some detailing and such.

I painted them with a sand paint, and then with a khaki housepaint.  It is the same paint that I'll be using as the highlight for the desert itself (you can see it on the base of the palms).  Then I gave them a light white highlight to help pick up some of the details.

I had to do a bit of sanding of the floors and roof in order to allow them to slip into place a bit more easily.  The big building got a tiny bit of warping as well, once painted, so again a bit of sanding was called for.  I also needed to add little boxes to the top of each roof so they could be lifted off... could be hatches for a ladder or something similar:)

The insides are also done.  I wanted them to be very simple, but good for gaming.  All I did was do some rugs on some of the floors, and then made up some rough table stand-ins and chair stand-ins.  I painted them black and gave them two brown highlights to pick up some detail.  I had to place them a bit spread apart, because I want infantry to be able to be put in any spot.  I did put them in places where they would offer some cover to troops behind them, and give the idea of some furniture.

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