Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Modern stuff done!

Howdy all!

Work continues on the 15mm moderns!

Got a few things done... put together a pair of buildings first.  One is a two story (I have a few of these) and the other is a one story (many more of these!)  I also did some steps... not the most fun kit to put together, but it isn't too tough if you are careful and look at a photo for guidance.

I also put together a bunch of interior furniture... the two benches and table on the left will go in the building with the stairs, which will also be getting a dome and serving as my mosque.  I am going to distribute the rest of the chairs, tables, and sofas through the other buildings.  I don't do them in realistic numbers because the bases of the figures makes that impossible to do if you want the interiors to be playable.

More coming as I work!

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