Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Workbench

Well, here are a few WIP shots of my first ACW unit! The varnish STILL does not seem quite right, but at this point, not much I can do. They have a touch more work to do (cleaning up the grass, another varnish coat, attaching and painting the flag poles) but for the most part they look pretty sharp.

I wish the drummer was easier to see; he might be the best guy in the unit, and his drum looks great.

When they are done I'll do a real unit showcase on them. But for now, here they are, my first 25mm ACW figures EVER (which is pretty amazing, given those are the scale and era I have worked in the most!)


jmezz382 said...

I love the Flags .... how did you do them ? What brand are they ?

Author said...

The flags are courtesy of Rick O'Brian, the Flag Dude!

His flags are swank, his service is fast as heck, and he is a very nice gent to deal with.

His website is...

I'll put a photo up of some of the flags I have from him that are awaiting their units so you can get a look. Generally all of my flags (with the exception of my old 15mm ACW are from Rick.)